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In the times of groundbreaking technology, there are so many different types of hearing devices in Phoenix. Metro Hearing has them all, offering solutions and styles to suit the hearing, comfort, and aesthetic needs of the clientele. Phoenix hearing aids are currently being designed as ‘intelligent’ hearing

Hearing Aids in Sun City

Hearing loss is a very common condition. In fact, hearing loss affects about 30 million Americans. Statistically, 20 percent of adults in the U.S. report some degree of hearing loss, and by the time adults reach age 65, that number increases to about 30 percent. When adults

Hearing Loss Symptoms Require Immediate Treatment

Hearing Loss Symptoms Require Immediate Treatment

Hearing Loss Symptoms Require Immediate Treatment Hearing loss is an issue that many individuals experience throughout the course of a lifetime. In most cases, hearing ability is reduced gradually over time until your hearing reaches a level that affects your life. At that time, medical intervention is

Hearing Aid Options

If you’ve experienced any hearing loss symptoms, you may have started to think about getting a hearing aid. Many people worry about how a hearing aid will affect their appearance to others and even whether they really work. Discussing these concerns with a professional audiologist and learning

Answering the Question ‘Do I Need a Hearing Aid?’

Many people have asked themselves ‘do I need hearing aid‘ every now and then, especially if they find themselves straining to hear people when they talk or when the music they listen to doesn’t seem to be as loud as it used to be even though it’s

Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

Your hearing aid helps connect you to the world, which is why proper hearing aid maintenance is so important. Below are some tips for keeping your hearing aids in the best possible shape so they can continue to keep you hearing for years to come. Storing Your

Four Reasons to Wear Phoenix Hearing Aids

Not everyone who can benefit from using a hearing aid wants to wear one. There are a wide variety of reasons people choose not to use them, including fears about aesthetic appearance, costs and even the hassle of scheduling an appointment with an audiologist. There are many

How Do Digital Hearing Aids Work?

The best part about technology is that it just keeps getting better and better. Today’s computers are able to run faster and hold more information on much smaller devices. People across the world are able to communicate with each other using both audio and video technology. With

Affordable Hearing Tests in Phoenix

The human body is an incredible machine. It works around the clock from the moment of birth to process information and help a person do everything he or she needs to do to survive and thrive over the course of a lifetime. As a person gets older,

Hearing aid Review – Oticon Nera Pro

I have been dealing with hearing loss for many years. About six years ago I decided to do something about it.  I made my appointment with Dan Trimble at Metro Hearing and he confirmed I did have a loss of hearing, but with the right hearing aids,