Oticon Nera

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Oticon Nera Hearing Aid Solutions

  Every patient has their own tastes and preferences for sound. No two hearing device users – even those with the same hearing loss – will experience sound in the same way.  So in order to provide the user with as much benefit as possible at varying price points, Oticon developed these two unique devices with the following features: • twice the processing power of previous models • more effective background noise reduction • increased working memory • natural and distortion-free amplification

Introducing the new Nera / Nera Pro hearing aids.

By delivering a unique ensemble of audiological features alongside a personalized approach to improving one’s hearing, the  Nera product line offers a more stable robust platform that increases your listening power in a range of environments you may have struggled with in the past. We are offering a free trial of Nera pro and Nera during the month of October. Contact us to learn more about this great new product!