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How Metro Hearing has changed my quality of life.

Why you should choose Metro Hearing.

Metro Hearing takes care of their patients.

The service people are prompt, pleasant and professional. We have been totally satisfied with the service!

– Thomas R., Wickenburg, AZ

I have just begun to work with Dr. Stephanie Clark. I have had a hearing problem for many years. In meeting with Dr. Clark I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable, patient and easy to work with. She just made an adjustment to the aid changing the volume for clarity and encouraged me to keep her posted. I like her manner and working with her.

– Spencer A., Sun City, AZ

Two words: the service! It describes everything, from the products, the hearing exam and the audiologists I’ve seen, everything!

– Michael S.

The audiologist gave me a very good hearing evaluation. She explained why the aids would help me to hear the sounds that I have not hear in a while and she was right!

– Marie M., Sun City, AZ

It is nice to talk about skilled personnel, competitive prices, friendly atmosphere, use of the latest technology, etc. However, the bottom line is this: have you had a positive lifestyle altering hearing experience? The answer is a resounding yes! These folks get the job done!

– Virgil L. Sun City, AZ

They are very interested in looking after the needs of their customers. They know their products and they explain everything so that it can be understood properly!

– Albert B. Phoenix, AZ

I liked the friendly, reliable service.

– Peggy C. Glendale, AZ

I have been a client since 1986 and have always received the utmost care for my hearing and hearing aids. This was my fourth set of hearing aids and Kelly was very patient and knowledgeable in this set of fitting.

– Barry G. Glendale, AZ

They were friendly, professional, timely service and had an amazing selection of support available.

– Robert L. Glendale, AZ

I like the professional people in the office, especially Dan Trimble who takes care of my hearing needs.

– Robert K.

I liked the friendly and efficient service. The thoroughness of the hearing checks and I have appreciated all of the staff!

– Dorothy W. Glendale, AZ

Dan does a great job of explaining my hearing problem and what can and cannot be done to take care of them. He provides options and allows me to make educated choices.

– Gary G. Glendale, AZ

I like how professional, friendly and thorough they are. They genuinely try to help a person with their hearing loss.

– Dan P. Glendale, AZ

I like the great service, fine people and great products!

– Don P. Glendale, AZ

Dan did a great job of helping me select a hearing device that met my needs. He recommended the addition of the Connectline wireless cell phone and TV adapter and these accessories give me great flexibility in addressing my daily phone and TV volume requirements.

– Donald R. Phoenix, AZ

I felt comfortable with the staff. The products and services are easy to understand. Metro Hearing spent quality time assessing my needs and I got a great product that helps me cope with everyday life. Thank you!

– David C. Phoenix, AZ

Metro Hearing Staff and Dan Trimble recommended a new style of hearing aid for me. They are awesome, clear, crisp and the volume is great! Excellent service!

– Henry L. Phoenix, AZ

I have been working with Dan Trimble for more than two years now and he is so patient. He explains things clearly, is pleasant and professional. I’d recommend Dan and Metro Hearing to anyone. The office staff is great as well!

– Karleen M. Glendale, AZ

The staff at Metro Hearing are friendly, courteous and professional. As you are being examined, fitted or adjusted, by Dr. Kelly, you can see in her eyes that she truly cares.

– Dale P. Phoenix, AZ

I like the customer service. Dan listened to my concerns.

– Dorothy C. Glendale, AZ

The staff has always been courteous. All of my questions are answered so I can understand. The audiologist I work with is very knowledgeable with regards to my needs.

– Kevin L. Phoenix, AZ

Kelly is awesome! Very professional and seemed like she really cared about improving my hearing. She fine tuned my hearing aids a couple times until we covered every possible situation. I can now watch movies without subtitles and hear conversations even in large crowds. I would definitely recommend Kelly if you’re serious about improving your quality of life.

– Kevin H. Phoenix, AZ

I liked the courtesy of everyone and Dan’s caring and expertise.

– Earl S. Glendale, AZ

Great follow up care. I’m the most important person when having my appointment. Office and staff are very caring.

– Joanne C. Glendale, AZ

The audiologists are very knowledgeable and helpful. The staff and supporting materials are readily available and helpful.

– John B. Phoenix, AZ

I liked everything- the doctors, the entire staff. They are GREAT.

– Ernest R. Phoenix, AZ

They are always on time, explain things, make sure everything works well, and friendly.

– Deb Peoria, AZ

Hearing overall has improved! They have been very helpful when dealing with me. They are sincerely concerned about my hearing.

– James E. Prescott, AZ

The new hearing aids have improved hearing-any positive change is a plus in the quality of life category. Jared is a trusted adviser, technician and friend.

My audiologist is Jared Trimble. I’m able to hear better in a large room situation, e.g. church. Also in restaurants, group meeting. I’m able to follow conversations and understand them. TV doesn’t have to be so loud.

I see Jared Trimble at Metro Hearing. I do not feel as self-conscious as I had before I received the hearing aids. It was that I did not want to be in the public because I couldn’t understand what was being said.

I am able to hear much better with the new hearing aid system. I don’t have to ask people to repeat what they say as I had to do before getting new hearing aids. I am better equipped to take part in more conversations and not feel left out of what is being discussed, thanks to Susan for fitting me with the right hearing aids. I have found her to be a dedicated, sincere, very professional, knowledgeable audiologist.

I participate more in conversations. I don’t need people to repeat themselves. Places like church have more meaning. TV is set at a lower volume. I don’t need closed cations. I hear sounds I didn’t before like cell phone buzz vibration, the clock, birds outside I never knew they were so noisy. Thank you Susan

I am hearing sounds I have not heard in years even with other hearing aids. The fit is very comfortable and I enjoy wearing them continuously. They give me much more confidence in a group and I enjoy social gatherings. Thank you Susan Richmond for adding this to my retirement.

I did not realize how many sounds I was not hearing. I was living in an isolated (sound wise) world. Now I am free of that. Sometimes what I hear is a little unnerving, realizing that I was missing those sounds and was unaware of it. Thank you for your help Dr. Paul Gaudiano.