How to Pair Oticon Hearing Aids to Your iPhone or TV

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Today’s hearing aids take advantage of several modern technologies. As such, they are one of many pieces of electronic equipment that can pair to your smart devices. Oticon brand hearing aids make this process simple. Our patients at MetroHearing love the convenience of these devices. In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect them to several pieces of equipment. 


Prepare Hearing Aids for Pairing

Regardless of which device you want to pair to, the first step is to prepare your hearing aids for pairing. If they aren’t in pairing mode, then they won’t be visible to any device that’s looking for them to make a connection. 

To prepare an Oticon hearing aid for pairing, you need to restart the device. How to do this depends on the particular hearing aid you have. If your model has removable batteries, you can simply open and close the battery compartment.

If your hearing aids use rechargeable batteries, you can kickstart the pairing process by placing them on the charger for a few seconds and then removing them. Alternatively, you can press the bottom button on each hearing aid for 3 seconds to turn it off and then for 2 seconds to turn it back on.

Once restarted, the hearing aids will remain in pairing mode for 3 minutes. Bring them close to the device you’re pairing with and complete the process.


How to Pair Oticon Hearing Aid to iPhone

Apple makes it easy to pair a hearing aid with their iOS operating system. Simply follow the steps below:


Enable Bluetooth in iOS.

Open up your device’s settings and look for the Bluetooth settings. If Bluetooth isn’t turned on, tap the option to turn it on.


Open the Hearing Devices Menu

iOS has a special menu for pairing and controlling hearing devices, such as hearing aids. To open this menu, perform the following steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone
  • Scroll down and select ‘Accessibility’
  • Under ‘Hearing’, choose ‘Hearing Devices’

Pair Your Hearing Aids

With the Hearing Devices menu open in iOS settings, your mobile device will begin searching for hearing aids to pair with. If you haven’t already placed your Oticon hearing aids in pairing mode as described above, do so now.

Once found, your iOS device will give you a list of hearing aids that you can connect to. Tap on each of the Oticon hearing aids you want to pair with. You’ll get a prompt asking you to confirm the pairing. Confirm it for each, and the devices will be paired.


How to Pair Oticon Hearing Aid to Android

To connect your hearing aids to an Android device, you need to first download the Oticon Companion app from the Play Store. Because it’s all done from within the Oticon app, the process is more streamlined. When you open the app without any devices paired, it will ask you to pair them. The steps are as follows:

  • Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on. If it isn’t, the app will prompt you to enable it.
  • The app will ask to use the location permission. This is required to connect to Bluetooth. Allow it.
  • If the hearing aids aren’t in paring mode, the app will prompt you to reset them following the instructions detailed above. 
  • The app will then find your hearing aids and ask you to confirm that you’d like to connect them. Confirm the connection. 
  • When the devices pair, the app will show you a button to continue. Once you tap it, you can begin using the app and your paired hearing aids.

How to Pair Oticon Hearing Aid to TV Adapter

Oticon’s TV Adapter is the easiest pairing process yet. Simply put your hearing aids into pairing mode as described above and set them on top of the TV adapter device. The adapter will automatically begin the pairing process. As it does, you’ll see the two lights on the front of the device begin to pulsate. Pairing is finished when the lights stop pulsing and stay lit. 


See how Oticon Hearing Aids Can Improve your Quality of Life 

Our patients love the advanced technology in Oticon hearing aids. If you need hearing aid replacements or are getting a hearing aid for the first time, Oticon can improve your quality of life. Contact MetroHearing today to set up an appointment in one of our Phoenix area locations for a more thorough hearing test and for advice on the best course of action to improve your hearing.


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