Consider a Tinnitus Doctor to Fix Ringing in Your Ears

How do Hearing Aids work

Tinnitus is the perception of a ringing, buzzing, or hissing sound when no actual sound is present. Most of us have experienced this briefly, but when these noises are constant or chronic, it becomes difficult to ignore and can negatively impact our lives. If you suffer from tinnitus, you are not alone. The American Tinnitus Association reports that nearly 45 million Americans experience it. Untreated can lead to frustration, anger, stress, isolation, anxiety, or depression.

Causes of Tinnitus/Ringing in Ear

Causes of tinnitus may include loud noise exposure, head trauma, or certain medications such as aspirin.

Treatment for Tinnitus/Ringing in Ears

One of the first steps is to have a complete diagnostic hearing assessment by a Tinnitus doctor or Audiologist. An MRI can rule out any structural problems that could cause tinnitus. Tinnitus is often present with high-frequency hearing loss, and hearing aids can be the best course of treatment. Amplification may also be an option for those suffering from tinnitus due to the brain turning up neural activity because of the lack of sound stimulation caused by hearing loss.

Additionally, Metro Hearing now has hearing instruments from several manufacturers with integrated tinnitus treatments which have proven extremely helpful. These products use various sound therapy and sound-generating features to help minimize the impact of tinnitus. Contact us today to get in touch with a tinnitus doctor near you.


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