Open Fit Hearing Aids


What Are Open Fit Hearing Aids?

Open fit hearing aids or open fit hearing devices were developed to treat the very common middle to high frequency hearing loss. People with this type of hearing loss can hear low frequencies normally, but struggle to hear middle and high frequencies. This often results in hearing but not understanding.

Finding the right type of hearing technology for this high frequency hearing loss can often be tough, however open fit hearing aids provide a great option for many patients to manage their high frequency hearing loss and improve their hearing. If you are unsure of your hearing needs a good place to start is often with a hearing test. If you would like to speak to an audiologist about open fit hearing aids or are looking for open fit hearing aids in the Phoenix, AZ area, the team here at MetroHearing can help you find what you’re looking for.


Why You May Want an Open Fit Hearing Aid

Open fit hearing devices are designed to boost the higher pitched sounds while preserving natural low-pitched hearing. They have become one of the most popular hearing device styles due to their small size, excellent comfort, and great sound quality. The best styles use a speaker that is placed directly into the ear canal. As with any hearing technology these can sometimes require hearing aid repair which our team is always able to help you with. Call now or schedule a hearing aid consultation with MetroHearing at one of our locations throughout Phoenix, AZ.