Hearing Aid Repair Service in Arizona

Your hearing aid is an important part of how you function every day, and if it malfunctions, you need it fixed quickly and correctly. If you need a hearing aid repair in or near Phoenix, AZ, reach out to Metro Hearing’s audiology team. We have six convenient Valley locations; visit our locations page to find the location nearest you.

Our audiologists can do many repairs in-house and partner with most hearing aid brands if a repair needs to be sent out.

Do Your Hearing Aids Need to be Repaired?

If your hearing aid is not working properly, there are a few troubleshooting tricks you can try at home to see if the functionality improves.

  • Check the microphone, speaker, and vent openings for obstructions
  • Look in the battery compartment for corrosion
  • Listen for feedback when you close the hearing aid in your hand (if the hearing aid has a volume control be sure it is in the on position)
  • Wipe off the shell with a soft cloth
  • Use the provided tool to remove debris from all openings
  • Brush off any remaining debris with a hearing aid brush
  • Replace wax filter if needed
  • Replace the battery if needed
  • Replace dome (for RITE Hearing aids)

What Types of Hearing Aids do We Repair?

We provide comprehensive hearing aid repair services at our Arizona offices, including popular models such as ITE and BTE hearing aids, two of the most popular styles available. We also are experienced with repairs some of the top hearing aid brands in the market such as Oticon hearing aids.

About Our Professional Hearing Aid Repair

If you have examined your hearing aid and have determined that the issue cannot be fixed using these steps, a visit to your local audiologist is needed. Hearing professionals work quickly to assess the damage and determine a solution quickly. Many repairs can be done in here at our Arizona offices, but the rest will be shipped overnight to the manufacturer’s hearing aid shop for thorough testing and repair as needed. In the event you need new hearing aids, our team can help fit you for the optimal hearing aid style to match your lifestyle and preferences.

Once back, our Arizona audiologists verify the function and arrange for pickup. Whether your hearing aid has water exposure, physical damage, or is experiencing an unexplained malfunction, our audiologists are there to help.

Schedule Your Hearing Aid Repair Today

If you are experiencing issues with your hearing aid and are looking for a hearing aid repair in Phoenix, Metro Hearing’s audiologists are here for you. Whether you purchased your device from Metro Hearing or another practice, our clinical team can get it back in working order as quickly as possible. Contact Metro Hearing today to set up an appointment for assessment and repair.

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Our Audiology Locations

When individuals have difficulty hearing, they often invest anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500 per ear to purchase hearing aids that will enhance their hearing. This helps them to avoid the frustration that comes from not being able to understand what is being said around them. When these high tech pieces of audio equipment begin to have problems, it is imperative to find a technician who provides quality hearing aid repair. The following are some of the types of maintenance and repairs that can be done for hearing aids today.


If you suspect that your hearing device is not working as well as it could be, it may be time to take it to a reputable dealer that specializes in repairs for hearing aids. This type of location will have a tool that can be used to test your hearing aid and make sure it is functioning properly. One such device is called a hearing instrument test box. This testing equipment can check the volume that is coming out of the hearing aid and can also determine if there is any distortion caused by water or wax build up.


One type of repair that can be done by a company that specializes in repairing hearing aids can improve the comfort and fit of the hearing aid itself. A qualified audiologist can use a specialized grinding tool to help make the fit of the earpiece better or more comfortable. By removing any sharp or bulky edges and thinning down parts that may be causing pain, this repair can make a hearing aid much more comfortable.

Internal Repair

If your hearing device has been properly cleaned and is still not functioning properly, you may need to seek out a quality repair technician that specializes in fixing hearing aids. A hearing aid is a complex combination of technologically advanced parts that can be easily damaged if not repaired by an expert.

By performing proper home cleaning on your hearing aid and enlisting the help of qualified professionals when your device does not seem to be working correctly, the investment you have made in your hearing will have a much better chance of lasting longer for you. Metro Hearing provides quality hearing aid repair services at five convenient locations in the Phoenix metro area. Call (602) 639-4064 today for information about the professional repair services available at Metro Hearing.