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In order to offer our patients the best possible hearing solutions on the market, Metro Hearing partners specifically with the industry’s top hearing aid manufacturers. Each of the brands we carry designs and produces hearing aids to the highest standard of quality, incorporating advanced technology and excellent construction to deliver an optimal experience.

While the hearing aid options offered by other retailers and audiologists in Arizona may vary considerably in quality and performance, Metro Hearing is committed to providing our patients with only the very best brands and products. Continue reading below to learn more about the hearing aid suppliers you’ll find at Metro Hearing.



Founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, Oticon is a Denmark-based hearing company with more than a century of leadership in the industry. Demant first started the company with a mission to help his beloved wife, who was diagnosed with hearing loss. In the more than one hundred years since then, Oticon hearing aids have earned a reputation for their technological innovation and high-end performance.

Oticon creates hearing aid models in a varied range of styles and price points, with products designed for both children and adults with varying degrees of hearing loss. The brand’s flagship device is called the Opn S, delivering the fastest processing speed of all Oticon devices. Notable features of Oticon hearing aids include optimization for speech clarity and sound quality, smartphone connectivity, wireless capabilities, tinnitus therapy, rechargeable batteries, and more.

In addition to its expansive line-up of standard hearing aids, Oticon has also created devices specifically for children. With thoughtful features like tamper-resistant battery doors and hypoallergenic construction, Oticon pediatric hearing aids are an excellent option for children with varying hearing needs. Oticon has also patented a superpower hearing aid called the Dynamo, giving adults with profound hearing loss an excellent solution.


Phonak is a hearing aid brand originating from Switzerland and has been producing premium hearing aids since 1947. With a U.S.-based headquarters in Illinois, Phonak also has a well-respected presence in more than 100 countries around the world. Phonak hearing aids are perhaps best known for high-end features like sound recover technology (for high-frequency hearing loss) and wireless bi-cross hearing systems, for patients with single-sided deafness.

The brand’s goal is to provide technologically-advanced hearing aids that are also easy to use, delivering innovative features without overwhelming wearers with overly complicated devices. Top-selling Phonak hearing aids include the Audeo Marvel, Naida B, and Virto B, each one offered at different price points and incorporating varying features. You can also find Phonak pediatric hearing aids in two different styles, meeting the needs of children with hearing loss.

Among the unique characteristics of Phonak products are Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable batteries, tinnitus masking technology, and single-sided hearing loss restoration. To complement their hearing aid products, Phonak also engineers assistive listening devices, accessories, and smartphone apps to support the wearer’s experience.




ReSound is a global hearing aid manufacturer with a headquarters office in Bloomington, MN, and is considered one of the world’s largest producers of hearing devices and equipment. By combining their innovative hearing aid designs with a range of supportive accessories and assistive listening devices, ReSound makes it possible for wearers to return to the lifestyle they enjoyed before hearing loss.

In addition to their hearing products for adults, ReSound also designs hearing aids for children and teens. With a generous variety of device styles, including both in-the-ear and behind-the-ear designs, you can find ReSound hearing aids to suit your lifestyle. If you’re considering looking for ReSound hearing aids for sale, you’ll be able to choose from an excellent variety of tech-savvy features, including extended frequency bandwidth and Apple/Android compatibility.

ReSound products hearing aids for all budgets, with styles ranging from affordable to high-end. Included in the ReSound hearing aid series are options for severe to profound hearing loss, as well as accessories to enhance the overall wearer experience.


Founded in 1878, Siemens Hearing Instruments has been providing patients with trusted hearing aid products for more than a century. Now known as Signia, Siemens has always been dedicated to engineering hearing solutions that can meet every combination of preferences and needs. By blending advanced innovation with a commitment to quality, Signia continues to serve the complex needs of hearing loss patients everywhere.

Signia hearing aids are designed in both inside-the-ear and behind-the-ear styles, with each model offered in varying performance levels to suit different budgets. One of the newest and most unique features of Signia hearing products is called TeleCare 3.0, which allows you to connect remotely with your audiologist, enabling them to evaluate and adjust your devices without requiring an office visit. Own Voice Processing™ is another of Signia’s newest signature features, engineered to help the wearer adjust to the sound of their own voice and improve overall acclimation.

With an extensive selection of models to choose from, Signia Hearing Instruments truly has a product for everyone. Patients with single-sided deafness, dexterity challenges, and tinnitus alike can find a Signia solution to serve their needs.



A family-owned, Denmark-based hearing aid brand, Widex is best-known as the first company to debut a digital, in-the-ear hearing aid. As a pioneer in hearing aid technology, the Widex brand manufactures hearing solutions to meet a wide range of hearing problems and types of hearing loss.

When you explore hearing aids made by Widex, you’ll discover a handful of “product families,” each one offering several device styles and price points. From behind-the-ear hearing aids to invisible-in-canal devices, Widex hearing aids are available in nearly every style imaginable. Many of their products have been designed with a specific wearer in mind, including those that have very active and demanding lifestyles, those who need a device that can adapt to various social and professional settings, and those who spend most of their time in quiet environments.

Tinnitus management is also a primary focus of nearly all Widex products, as is the production of top-quality assistive listening devices for use with phones, televisions, and in public venues.


How Do I Choose The Right Hearing Aid For Me?

Selecting the right hearing aids involves taking a variety of factors into consideration, including type and severity of hearing loss, budget, cosmetic preferences, and lifestyle. Hearing aid companies now offer more hearing aid options than ever, making it possible for every single patient to find something that suits their specific needs. However, the wide array of hearing aid styles and models available also means that it can be challenging to know which one is right for you.

If you’re considering investing in hearing aids for yourself or a loved one, your first step should be scheduling a hearing aid consultation with a professional audiologist. At Metro Hearing, our Phoenix audiologists have the experience and training to administer important hearing tests, evaluate your hearing loss and type, and provide you with professional recommendations a hearing company and hearing aids that will work well for you. We can help you determine which style of hearing aid best fits your lifestyle, hearing needs, and personal preferences, and then guide you through the process of selecting a model, having it fitted and programmed, and keeping it in excellent working condition.

While online and big-box retailers may seem to offer the benefit of low prices and convenience, their previous generation hearing devices fit by salespeople may actually cost you more time – and stress – in the long run. Working with one of Metro Hearing’s professional audiologists in Phoenix is a smart investment in not only your hearing but also your overall quality of life.

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