Phoenix Hearing Instruments

Millions of Americans are affected by hearing loss. This is a situation that doesn’t only affect the individual experiencing the hearing loss, but also affects their families, friends, coworkers, and all of the people who may come into contact with the individual. Communication can be a constant source of frustration and misunderstandings. The loss of hearing may affect all areas of the individual’s life. However, with Phoenix hearing instruments from Metro Hearing, a level of hearing can be restored, enriching the lives of patients suffering from hearing loss.

Why Does Hearing Loss Happen?

Hearing instruments, or hearing aids, are small devices that can amplify sound. In order to understand how the instruments work, it is helpful to understand why hearing loss takes place:

When sound waves enter the ear, three small bones in the middle ear carry the vibrations to a structure in the inner ear called the cochlea. There, cells create an electrical current which delivers the sound to the brain which makes sense of the information.

Hearing loss typically occurs in one of two ways: conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. The first type of loss happens when sound doesn’t travel appropriately through the ear. The course of sound may be impeded by a genetic defect, a punctured eardrum, or fluid in the ear. Sensorineural hearing loss, on the other hand, happens when the cochlea has been damaged. This is the most common cause of hearing loss. The underlying causes of cochlea damage include aging, infections, head trauma, and more. Phoenix hearing instruments can be used to counteract the cochlear damage.

With this basic understanding of the reasons for hearing loss, it can be easier to understand how Phoenix hearing instruments work. This, in turn, can provide helpful information that is useful when it comes to making a hearing aid purchase. To learn more about hearing loss or to determine which type of hearing aid is right for you, contact Metro Hearing at (602) 639-4064 today.