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Customer Reviews: Oticon Nera Pro


I have been slider_01dealing with hearing loss for many years. About six years ago I decided to do something about it.  I made my appointment with Dan Trimble at Metro Hearing and he confirmed I did have a loss of hearing, but with the right hearing aids, I could expect an improvement.  He recommended Oticon Hearing Aids.  One of the first things I had to do was to convince myself wearing hearing aids was not something to be ashamed of.  I always associated wearing hearing aids with people in their later years.  Now, I know most people do not even notice I am wearing hearing aids.  They certainly are not like the hearing aids of years past.

I was fit with my first set of Oticon hearing aids and immediately noticed a vast improvement.  Everyone around also did, they no longer had to say everything twice.  My Oticon hearing aids just became a part of me; I often forgot I had them on. I actually jumped in the swimming pool twice wearing them without causing any damage.

Over the years the Oticon hearing aids I was wearing were being improved.  They are able to be adjusted to help with the specific type of hearing loss I have.  Now I will never leave home without them. I have them on constantly. They are very comfortable, not noticeable and I even have surprised my family by asking them to turn the TV down.

My hearing aids are one of the best investments I have ever made.  My quality of life has improved.  Choosing to work with Metro Hearing was defiantly the right choice.  Dan Trimble never left one of my questions unanswered and I would recommend him to anyone that is concerned with hearing loss.

Larry B