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Hearing Aid Maintenance and Tips

Your hearing aid helps connect you to the world, which is why proper hearing aid maintenance is so important. Below are some tips for keeping your hearing aids in the best possible shape so they can continue to keep you hearing for years to come.



Storing Your Hearing Aids

Proper hearing aid maintenance begins with storage. Keep your hearing aids in a cool, dry place. Never remove or store them in the bathroom, since that increases the chance of them getting wet accidentally. Store your hearing aids in a special case so that they don’t accidentally get knocked off the nightstand or table and lost.



Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Clean the battery contacts on your hearing aids regularly. This can be done with a dot of alcohol on the end of a cotton swab. Earwax is one of the most common reasons that hearing aids stop working, so clean your aids frequently to remove waxy buildup. You will also want to clean your ears of wax regularly. This can be done by your doctor or with the proper tools at home.



Repairing Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aid repair should only be done by a professional. Hearing aids are very delicate, so anything more than a simple battery change should only be done by someone with the proper experience and training. If you notice a change in the way you are hearing, consult a repair professional.



Maintaining Your Hearing Aid’s Battery Life

Another important aspect of proper hearing aid maintenance is ensuring that your aid’s battery has a long life. Switch off the battery in your hearing aid when you are not using it, and remove the battery if you plan to go a long time without wearing the aid. Keep several batteries on hand and change them regularly so that your hearing aid does not abruptly run out of power at an inopportune moment.


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