Hearing Aids in Sun City

Hearing devices are not universal. For the best overall outcome for hearing wellness, it is important to make sure a hearing device matches the goals, lifestyle and level of hearing loss of each person. There are various types of hearing aids in Sun City, which Metro Hearing offers to their clients with hearing loss. Just as there are several different types of hearing loss, there are several different types of hearing aid technology, each made to suit a particular type and level of hearing impairment. Proper hearing assessment and the guidance of a university-trained audiologist is the best protocol, setting you up for solutions and the best hearing possible.

There are a couple of more common types of hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss occurs when there is a problem conducting sound waves efficiently anywhere along the passage through the outer ear, the eardrum, or the middle ear. Essentially, there exists a blockage that prevents sound from reaching the inner ear. More common is sensorineural hearing loss, or nerve-related hearing loss, which comes from problems of the inner ear. In this case, hearing loss symptoms come from an inability to transmit sound to the brain. This more prevalent type of hearing loss is mainly due to aging, genetics and long-term exposure to very loud noises. It can also result from a virus or from sustaining a head injury.

Sensorineural hearing loss cannot be reversed medically. While permanent, hearing aids can almost always guarantee quality improvement in hearing, despite the impact of this loss.

Metro Hearing has solutions for all types of hearing loss, offering state-of-the art technology by the most prestigious brands for discreet open fit hearing aids, custom hearing aids, Behind-the-Ear hearing aids, and In-the-Canal hearing aids. For those trying to figure out if they need or want to try hearing aids, Metro Hearing offers the perfect solution—a worry-free, in-home trial period. This allows the client to experience what the right hearing device can do for them.To learn more about hearing aids from Metro Hearing, call (602) 639-4064 today.