Hearing Aids Glendale Residents Trust

It’s so important to have a sense of confidence in the people you visit for hearing testing and the fitting of hearing aids in Glendale. The people of Glendale have good reason to trust their hearing health to Metro Hearing. ‘Hearing Specialist’ is a broad umbrella term for a person who specializes in hearing care, but there are vast differences in the training that many so-called professionals have under their belt.

There are three different types of authorities in hearing care. Ear physicians are medical doctors— M.D.s or D.O.s—who treat patients with hearing loss that results from medical conditions. Audiologists are university-trained professionals with Master’s or Doctoral degrees, who treat non-medical conditions of hearing loss, including the fitting of hearing aids. Hearing Aid Specialists simply dispense hearing aids. They may complete a home study course, but they don’t have any formal training in the workings of the ear or hearing aids.

Glendale professionals at Metro Hearing are nationally credentialed audiologists—not hearing aid sales people. Each and every person who works at Metro Hearing is certified by the American Academy of Audiology, the American Speech and Hearing Association, and the American Board of Audiology, mandating more than double the education level required by the state of Arizona.

Years of academic education and clinical training set Audiologists apart from those that simply dispense hearing aids. The Audiologists at Metro Hearing, by virtue of their rigorous and formal instruction, knowledge, training, and licensure, are most qualified to provide vital services to those with hearing impairment. Unlike non-Audiologist hearing aid sales people, they perform extensive diagnostic testing and evaluations to be able to fit the best hearing instrument for each patient’s individual needs or refer patients to medical treatment if necessary. To learn more about working with a professional from Metro Hearing to figure out the right hearing aid for you, call (602) 639-4064 today.