How to Know if You Need a Hearing Test

Hearing loss is a common condition for many Americans that often develops gradually over time. In fact it is likely that your friends and family may notice your hearing problems before you do. If you are unsure about scheduling a hearing test with one of our licensed

Signs You May Need a Hearing Test

If you think you need a hearing test, consider asking yourself a few of these questions:

  • Do people seem to speak in a softer voice than you may be used to?
  • Do long conversations put a strain on you, leaving you frustrated or tired?
  • Do you often miss loud audio cues like the telephone or doorbell ringing?
  • Does it feel more difficult to pinpoint the location of an object based on the noise it makes?

If you struggle with any of these activities, it may be time to contact us and schedule a comprehensive hearing exam with a Metro Hearing Audiologist. Plus, feel free to take our online hearing test to get a gauge of if you might have some symptoms of hearing loss.