Hearing Screening Sun City, AZ

Hearing loss is a common issue among people of all kinds. Some people don’t know they have hearing loss until they have a test done. Others think they may have reduced hearing, but aren’t sure.

If you suspect you may have hearing loss in Sun City, try our quick online hearing test to get a better idea of what your hearing is like. Try the test to get instant results immediately after you complete it.


What is a Hearing Test?

Hearing tests assess what your hearing is like in different situations and environments. They may include test words, tones, and other sounds that occur in daily life.

Our hearing test focuses on ambient noise, such as street traffic or noise from power tools, to check whether noise around you affects your ability to hear, or include different tones to test your range of hearing. As you listen, you will select the numbers you hear being read out loud. It’s important to follow the instructions closely. Headphones are necessary for an accurate assessment.


Why Should You Get a Hearing Test in Sun City, AZ?

You may be wondering, “Why should I test my hearing?” Our online hearing test can provide you with a basic idea of whether you have trouble hearing things accurately in everyday life.

If you truly are not sure if you may have hearing loss, this test can help you determine whether you should take action to get your ears checked more thoroughly. A hearing aid test can find the appropriate options to improve your hearing in daily life.


What Do Hearing Test Results Tell You?

Our hearing test rates your hearing and tells you whether you may have hearing loss and if it is at a significant level. It is used as a screening test to determine whether you should take further action.

A professional hearing test will include a variety of tests, besides just testing your ability to hear speech. That test may include tone tests, speech tests, a test of your bone conduction, and tympanometry, to test your middle ear and eardrum.


What Steps Should You Take After Getting a Hearing Test Done?

If your test results showed any potential loss of hearing, you might want to get a professional hearing test done in Sun City, AZ. A doctor will read your results and determine whether hearing aids are a good match for your hearing loss problems. If hearing aids are recommended, your doctor can suggest a style and type that would best fit your specific hearing problems.

Contact Metro Hearing today to set up an appointment in one of our Phoenix area locations for a more thorough hearing test and for advice on the best course of action to improve your hearing.