Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids


Why Choose Sonic Hearing Aids

When it comes to hearing loss, Metro Hearing has you covered with the most qualified professionals, complete services, and up-to-date technology available. Buying hearing aids is a big deal and should be met with enough questions that you feel confident about your choice. Sonic hearing aids are different in the best ways possible and come in a variety of models. Sonic hearing aid prices are some of the most practical in the industry, making Sonic an affordable choice.


What Makes Sonic Different?

Unfortunately, in the world around us, too many people don’t understand the benefits of top-of-the-line products. When you choose Sonic hearing aids, you are getting what you pay for. Sonic’s 4S Foundation ensures their products are different, making them some of the best in the industry. The following are what makes Sonic different.


Nobody wants to spend an extreme amount of time having their hearing aids fit, and nobody wants a bulky design with complicated features that make hearing a hindrance. Sonic’s design is simple. Instrument fittings are easy, and features are painless to use, regardless of whether you’re a lefty or a righty.

Sound Quality

With constant development, Sonic spends the time needed on technology to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable sound. Hearing instruments aren’t always a favorite, so anything that can make it more pleasurable is typically appreciated. Sonic instruments always feel natural.

Speech Quality

Since there are a lot of distracting sounds around you at most times of the day, it can be difficult to understand the speech you hear through an aid. Sonic innovation helps to eliminate those distractions so speech is easy to focus on.


It’s natural to want to look nice, and you can do that while wearing hearing aids. Sonic developers understand that need and have created instruments that give people living with hearing loss something to feel confident about.


Which Sonic Hearing Aid Model Is Right for Me?

Sonic has a line of six hearing aid products. Each comes with a variety of models and features that you may or may not need. The audiologists here at Metro Hearing can help you narrow down the choices so you end up with the product that works the best for you. The six Sonic products are:

Enchant Model Sonic Hearing Aid

Sonic’s latest product, Enchant, is a powerful instrument. With custom styles and five levels of technology, speech and hearing is made easier, more adaptive, and more flexible. Created specifically as a Made for iPhone product, wireless streaming makes this one of the most convenient products available.

Celebrate Model Sonic Hearing Aid

This instrument truly allows the user to celebrate life. With six different Celebrate models, you can hear in the most discrete way through wireless technology. With iPhone and Android connectivity, they are perfect for many occasions.

Cheer Model Sonic Hearing Aid

Cheer comes in eight different models perfect for patients who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. With impressive technology and some of the most thoughtful aesthetic designs, you’re sure to cheer for Cheer.

Journey Model Sonic Hearing Aid

This instrument is for patients who experience extreme hearing loss. It truly goes the distance allowing users more confidence and convenience every day. With natural hearing, you never have to worry you’re missing out on the special moments of life.

Charm Model Sonic Hearing Aid

Available in four models, Charm is a pure and simple product, though there are plenty of essential features. Offering intuitive operation and noise-reduction, you can stay connected with loved ones easier with Charm.

Pep Model Sonic Hearing Aid

Available in two models, Pep offers all the essentials for people with an active lifestyle. The operation is simple and modern designs help you look and feel confident.


While this is a good start in understanding each product, there is a load of information you will want to know before making the decision. Speaking with our audiologists can get those questions answered and can help you truly know which way to turn.


Are Sonic Hearing Aids Worth the Cost?

You get what you pay for with Sonic hearing aids. You really can’t put a price on being able to hear your baby’s first word or having the ability to listen to a moving piece of music. When you ask yourself, “Are Sonic hearing aid prices worth it?” the answer is “yes.”

Recent reviews from give an overall rating of 7.9/10 for Sonic hearing aids. Customers have commented:

“Have had these about 2.5 weeks, went to a family gathering and could understand my grandchildren!!!” –Joyce

“I purchased the Enchanted model a month ago, FANTASTIC. No problems hearing anything now.” –Ed


Reviews from have been similarly positive, including:

“My sister just got these and loves them. I can finally understand her on the phone.” –Susan

“These hearing aids have made a remarkable difference in my mom’s life.” –Trish


How Do I Get Started?

There’s no time to waste. If you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss, visit Metro Hearing today to speak with an audiologist. We’ll discuss any questions you have, assess your hearing loss, and get you set up with the right Sonic product to benefit your life. Contact us today via our online form

or by calling 602-639-4064



Sonic Innovations was formed in 1991 by Dr. Doug Chabries and Dr. Richard Christiansen who worked with Thomas Stockham and Carver Mead to introduce their first product known as Natura in 1998. Sonic Innovations continued to build on this platform until purchased by William Demant Holding of Denmark in 2010. Sonic innovations continues to produce high-quality hearing products available around the world. Metro Hearing offers the full range of Sonic Innovation hearing aids.