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Oticon Opn

The Oticon Opn is here, and it’s bringing an all new hearing experience to the world with 50 times faster processing and groundbreaking 360 degree noise reduction. Combined with Metro Hearing’s world class audiologists, you can experience a richer, fuller, and more complete life.


Patients deserve a richer, fuller, more natural sound experience and Oticon Opn™ makes it possible, providing meaningful listening experiences and significant cognitive benefits:


Less listening effort – reducing the load on the brain in noisy environments*

* Compared to Alta2 Pro


More capacity to remember – freeing up mental resources, enabling the user to recall more in noisy environments**

**Individual benefit may vary depending upon instrument prescription.


Better speech understanding – even in the most noisy environments, without suppressing surrounding sounds through narrow directionality*

* Compared to Alta2 Pro

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The hearing aid industry
has tunnel focus.

But when you close down sounds,
you close down life.

Bad for the brain – bad for the user

Understanding speech in settings with multiple sounds is very challenging
and exhausting for the brain. With its narrow directionality approach and
slow reacting noise reduction, current technology poorly delivers on how the
brain needs to understand, continually access and switch attention to make
sense of sound.

Closing down sounds under-stimulates the brain and deprives it of the context
needed for understanding. This stresses the brain and makes it harder for it to
focus naturally and switch attention to something else when needed. Such
under-stimulation makes social interaction much less enjoyable, increasing the
likelihood of social withdrawal and the potential for faster cognitive decline.

Our new groundbreaking Velox™ platform enables a paradigm shift in hearing care.

Processing sound 50 times faster than
ever before*, Oticon Opn™ is fast and
precise enough to support the brain in
making sense of sound

Market-leading performance

• 50 times faster data processing than ever before
• Market-leading resolution with 64 frequency channels
• Full environment analysis more than 100 times per second
• Capacity to handle more than 1,200 million operations per second
• World’s first TwinLink™ communication system: Near-Field Binaural Communication for
uncompromising binaural information exchange, and 2.4 GHz for advanced connectivity

How do we open up to the world?

Step 1

OpenSound Navigator™ constantly scans the sound environment more than 100 times per second to analyze the nature of the setting.