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Susan Zimmerman

Susan R. Zimmerman


Metro Hearing is proud to have Dr. Susan R. Zimmerman on our team of audiologists. Having earned her undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees at three different universities and practiced in a wide variety of settings, Dr. Zimmerman has 25 years of experience with a wide range of audiological services. She now looks forward to offering excellent audiological services to people who live in the Phoenix area through our hearing center.

About Susan R. Zimmerman

At a young age, Dr. Zimmerman developed a fascination for audiology when her brother was involved in a car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result. Her passion emerged as she and her family worked to overcome obstacles to help her brother recover. She attended Western Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communicative Disorders in 1985. Immediately after completing her initial degree, Dr. Zimmerman enrolled in the University of Wisconsin and earned a Master of Science in Audiology in 1987. After worked in the field for many years, Dr. Zimmerman earned her doctorate in Mesa, Arizona, in 2016 with the Arizona School of Health Sciences at AT Still University.

Her Professional Experience

Dr. Zimmerman began her career working in several retail, clinical settings. She then worked for a hospital on a Native American reservation before working for a major cochlear implant manufacturer, as the position gave her additional experience dealing with pediatric hearing loss, her area of interest. Afterward, Dr. Zimmerman worked as an audiologist at the University of Michigan for 17 years before accepting a position with Metro Hearing.

Due to her focus on pediatric hearing loss, Dr. Zimmerman has become an expert in the field. She has been invited to speak on the issue of pediatric cochlear implantation at multiple conferences and has authored and co-authored many scholarly publications on the subject. She has also made many podium presentations. Dr. Zimmerman is a member of the American Academy of Audiology and the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. She also holds a Certification of Clinical Competency in Audiology.

Audiology Services Offered by Dr. Zimmerman

Having decades of experience in the industry gives Dr. Zimmerman the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide a variety of services to patients who struggle with hearing loss. She has a special interest in finding solutions for hearing loss for pediatric patients and provides the following services to help children with hearing loss live their best lives.

LACE® training: Since people rely heavily on the sense of hearing to navigate the world, learning to live a normal life without it can be a challenge. It can be especially difficult for young patients who were born with hearing loss or experienced in their early years. Listening and Communication Enhancement therapy is a computer-based program that gives patients strategies to help them thrive without the sense of hearing. As a pediatric audiologist, Dr. Zimmerman uses this treatment to help patients compensate for hearing loss.

Newborn hearing tests: Babies have their hearing tested the day after they are born. This practice allows audiologists to intervene early on when hearing loss is apparent, so the children experience fewer developmental delays as they grow. Dr. Zimmerman performs newborn screenings and helps parents decide on the right course of treatment if the baby requires a form of hearing assistance.

Hearing aid placement and repair: For patients with mild to moderate hearing loss, hearing aids could be a better solution than cochlear implants. Dr. Zimmerman carefully evaluates each patient to see if hearing aids are a viable option, and if they are, she fits patients with devices that fit their ears securely. She also evaluates hearing aids regularly to ensure they are working properly and repairs them when necessary.

Hearing tests and screenings: If your older child appears to have hearing loss, the first step is to bring him or her in for a hearing test. Dr. Zimmerman will place your child in a small booth and expose him or her to different sounds with various tones and frequencies. The goal is to understand which range of sounds the child can hear so we can determine the severity of the issue and whether it affects one or both ears.
Hearing protection: Once hearing loss occurs, it can never be fully regained, so protecting your child’s ears is vital. This is especially important if your child is exposed to loud noises regularly. If your child is a musician or has a loud hobby such as shooting, Dr. Zimmerman will fit him or her for customized earplugs that can preserve hearing and keep it from being damaged.

Make an Appointment with Dr. Zimmerman Today!

At Metro Hearing, we are committed to helping everyone in your family overcome hearing loss. Dr. Zimmerman’s extensive experience in pediatric audiology makes her a wonderful addition to our team so we can better serve young patients with hearing loss. If you would like to schedule a hearing test with the best audiologist or need information on how to help a child with hearing loss navigate life effectively, contact Metro Hearing today and book an appointment with Dr. Zimmerman.